Solar Panel Installation in Dumas, Texas

Benefit from long-term savings, energy independence and reducing your carbon footprint with Solar panel installation in Dumas, Texas. S&H Solar is a trusted local provider, and we can meet your needs with a customized power supply solution.

S&H Solar Services

You deserve to own your electricity instead of renting it. S&H Solar is an experienced solar installer specializing in putting the sun to work in small towns, rural homes and farmland. We're your one-stop shop for all your solar needs in Dumas:

  • Rural home solar: We will evaluate your home, and if it benefits you, get started on the installation process.
  • Farm solar: We install solar at farms to offset the electricity required for pumping and providing power to remote irrigation systems.
  • Commercial solar: Our team is qualified and trained to install solar at various scales, including for commercial properties in Texas.
  • Batteries and generators: Backup solutions will prevent outages, regardless of the weather.
  • Solar maintenance and repairs: We do service and repairs to keep your system functioning as it should.

Benefits of Solar Panels in Dumas, TX

Solar installation has benefited many rural homes, farms, ranches and commercial entities. When you partner with S&H Solar, you bank on these benefits:

  • Custom designs: We listen to each customer's needs and design a solar solution that fits your property's layout and requirements. We tailor-make a solution based on your needs for benefits like efficiency and curbside appearance.
  • Simple installation: Panel installation is straightforward with minimal disruption to your routine. The durable panels sit on your roof or open land.
  • Affordable pricing: We provide upfront pricing so you can instantly compare your annual return on investment. You can also benefit from the extensive tax incentive potential.
  • Cost savings: Solar panel installation costs have significantly dropped. Owning your power instead of renting it means you will see savings from lower energy bills and potential tax credits.
  • Grid independence: You will no longer need to depend on energy companies, which meter the amount of electricity you can access.
  • Renewable energy: Sun energy is sustainable and kind to the environment, enabling you to give back to the land that sustains you.

Our Solar Panel Options

We tailor our solutions to fit your needs:

  • Grid-tied systems: Our grid-tied designs generate power for your Dumas property. When you do not create electricity, the system draws from the grid. Surplus energy generated is sent to the grid, and you get credit.
  • Grid-tied plus battery backup: After we install the panels, your system uses energy generated. If you don't generate energy, you get power from your batteries and only, if necessary, from the grid. Once your battery is full, you return energy to the grid and get credit.
  • Stand-alone solar: We provide off-the-grid solutions. Once we install your panels, the system generates solar energy to power your property without reliance on the grid. You have complete energy independence.

Getting Started With the Solar Installation Process

S&H Solar starts by evaluating your property, ranch or farm. A qualified team member will determine whether solar power is viable, identify the best location for installation and walk you through the specifics. We will craft a custom design for your property that considers your energy usage and other needs.

Integrity and honesty are our core values, so we offer straightforward expertise on whether solar will work for you. Our professionals will only suggest installation if it meets your land needs. Once we establish viability, the team will help you assess financing options and acquire compliance information. Our qualified team then installs the solar panels and checks the system. If you need routine maintenance or service, we will assist.

Up and Running in Six Simple Steps

We will help you get started by taking care of:

  • Evaluation
  • Custom design
  • Financing
  • Permits and compliance
  • Installation
  • Monitoring

Trusted Dumas, TX, Solar Panel Installation Company

Our team is dedicated to equipping rural homeowners, ranchers and farmers with quality solar installations fitting their areas' unique needs. We provide:

  • Honest recommendations: Our team values integrity, grit and an honest handshake. These values ensure we only recommend installations to customers who will benefit and never push you to make unnecessary upgrades.  
  • One-stop energy shop: We are committed to creating long-term energy partnerships. After we install solar panels, we are available for service, upgrades or system questions.
  • Fast return on investment: Once installed, you'll see immediate ROI. You don't have to take our word for it — our client testimonials speak for themselves.

Get a Quote From the Best Solar Installers Near Dumas, TX

The S&H Solar team is ready to assist you with a free quote and answer any questions. We are committed to providing home, ranch, farm and business owners in Dumas with the ability to save money through utility bills and improve their carbon footprints.

Get started by getting a free quote online or call 940-427-4693 today!

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