How to Pick a Solar Company

Installing solar panels at your home or business can have so many amazing benefits, from sidestepping energy price spikes to becoming independent of the United States' overly strained power grid.

If you are interested in going solar, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind before landing on the right provider. We'll lay out what to look for in a solar company and some useful tips for selecting the right partner for you.

5 Things to Do Before Choosing a Solar Installer

If you are interested in going solar, then you likely are wondering how to choose the best solar company. The following are five things to do before making your decision to ensure you find a reputable and reliable business:

1. Assess the Different Types of Solar Companies

When you are looking for a solar company, you may come across a few different types of solar providers. It can be helpful to learn the key distinctions between each type and what they offer. Once you have a general idea of each of the following types of solar companies, you can make a more informed decision about who to work with:

  • Manufacturers: Solar equipment manufacturers assemble the physical solar panels that will be installed on your home or business property. These are the companies that sell the installers the panels and additional pieces of equipment needed for the system.
  • Installers: Solar panel installation companies purchase solar panels and essential equipment from manufacturers. They will evaluate your home or business to ensure it is ready before securely installing your panels.
  • Panel dealers: You may also come across solar panel dealers while exploring your local options. These businesses are largely focused on sales but sometimes have their own installation team on staff. Others hire third-party installers.
  • Lead generation: Solar lead generation companies are similar to solar panel dealers. They are typically sales-focused and help connect customers with a solar provider.
  • Financing: You can work with a solar financing company if you need assistance with the upfront price of solar for your home or business. These companies are sometimes part of a larger solar installation operation.
  • Full-service solar providers: The most convenient and all-encompassing type of solar companies are full-service solar providers. These businesses will assist you with everything from site evaluations to financing to actual installation. As your one-stop shop, a full-service solar provider makes it easy to get the equipment you need without having to consult with multiple vendors or businesses.

2. Evaluate Each Company's Expertise and Credentials

Before you choose a solar panel installer, be sure to evaluate their credentials to ensure they are lawfully sound and have the experience needed to get your job completed correctly. All solar providers should be licensed and insured with all the necessary certifications. Solar power equipment providers should also have general liability insurance.

Some of the certifications and licensing to look for include the following:

  • The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification: The NABCEP is an independent and nationally recognized organization that extends company accreditation programs and professional certifications to solar energy installers.
  • State solar contractor license: It is also important to explore any applicable state licensing requirements. Some states require specialty certifications beyond general electrical licenses that solar equipment installers must obtain. You can find more information about state-specific licensing requirements from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council's online database.

Also, all professionals working on your solar project need to meet the necessary Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements during the installation process.

3. Read Testimonials and Ask Your Neighbors

You can save a lot of time and money by combing through reviews and testimonials about businesses online before committing to a solar partner. You'll want to ensure that the company you work with is transparent, communicative, reliable and has a solid reputation.

A great place to begin is by checking out the company's Google Business Profile. Here, you can find ratings about their performance, ethics and practices. Doing your due diligence is important. Read through Google reviews to see what their previous customers have said about their work.

Also, be sure to explore reviews outside of the testimonials the company shares on its website and social media. If any of your neighbors have recently gone solar, it can be highly beneficial to ask them about their experience and if they recommend their installer. You can gain valuable insight into the process and get helpful advice on choosing a solar partner.

4. Ask About Warranties and Get Multiple Quotes

As you shop around for the right solar provider to partner with, be sure to ask each potential company about their solar panel warranty information and time frames. Look for providers that offer a 25-year performance warranty to ensure you are adequately covered.

You can also benefit from getting multiple quotes from different solar companies. Remember that the most inexpensive options are not always the best. Closely compare what each has to offer before making your decision.

Getting a site evaluation is another essential part of the process because you'll want to ensure your roof and property are fully equipped for the installation process before getting started.

5. Consider Consulting With a Tax Expert

With a better understanding of how to choose a solar panel company, it can also be very advantageous to consult with a tax expert before getting started. There are various tax credits that can make the installation process more affordable for your home or business.

As of 2023, the federal government offers a residential solar energy credit worth as much as 30% of your installation fees. Many states also offer special incentives, like sales and property tax exemptions, for individuals and businesses that are interested in going solar. These resources can help cover some of your costs.

Working with a tax expert is a great way to optimize your spending and make the entire installation process more affordable.

Choose S&H Solar to Achieve Your Solar Goals

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