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solar for small town and rural living

We specialize in helping rural homes, farms, and ranches put the sun to work.

RuraL Home Solar

We believe rural homes have to right to own their electricity just the same as urban and suburban communities. So, we bring solar to rural towns across Texas and Oklahoma.

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Farm Solar

Put your farm to work for you in more ways than one. Installing solar can offset power required for pumping and provide power to remote irrigation systems.

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Ranch Solar

Whether it's recreational or working, harness your ranches sun power. From powering wells to equipment, we have many options in getting power to remote ranch locations.

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Generator Installation

Don't let the weather leave you wishing you had a back-up power solution.

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Solar Maintenance & Repairs

Your solar system is an investment. Keep it up and runnin'.

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A little bit about how we work

Your partnership with S&H Solar will start with a thorough evaluation of your property. After getting a good look at your farm or ranch, one of our S&H Solar team members will determine how much solar power is needed, decide the optimal location for solar panels and discuss the details of your solar system with you. Then, we will design a customized solar system for your farm or ranch that is specific to your property's energy usage.

Unlike many solar energy companies, S&H Solar will provide realistic expectations and achievable goals for your farm or ranch's solar system. After evaluating your property, we won't push switching to solar power if it's not the best solution for your land or won't meet your expectations. Our company is based on integrity, transparency, grit and an honest handshake, meaning we'll only recommend what's best for you.

If solar power is right for your property, S&H Solar will assist you with everything from assessing your financing options to acquiring compliance information. Our team of experienced solar professionals will then install your customized system. Once we finish installing all the solar panels, we will turn on the system to ensure it's operating properly.

After your solar system has been installed, you'll get complete control over monitoring the energy your system is producing. If you run into complications with your solar system, S&H Solar will be alerted and immediately contact you about correcting the issue. When you work with S&H Solar, you have a solar energy partner for life.

saddle up with solar

we'll get you up and runnin'

We specialize in helping rural homes, farms, and ranches put the sun to work. We provide rural homeowners with the right solar systems to meet their needs. This is our standard process to get you up and runnin' as quickly as possible.


One of our team members will discuss with you the details of your system.  We will decide the location of the panels and how much solar is needed.

2. Design

We will design the customized system for your property that is specific to your usage.  At this point, we will show you the proposal that has been customized for you.

3. Finance

If you need financing, we offer financing options to you at extremely low rates.  Upon qualification, there is zero down due.

4. Permit/Compliance

We will get with your city and follow all procedures required by them in order to be in compliance.  We will schedule all inspections necessary as well.

5. Install

We will schedule with you a time to install your system.  Our install team will be on site at that time and will install your new system.  We guarantee professional attitudes and the best work ethic.

6. Monitor

As soon as your system is installed and we are able to turn it on, you will be given control to monitor how your system is producing.  We will be alerted if something is off and will contact you to correct any issues.

From the horses mouth

hear it from them, not us.

Hear what some of our customers have to say about saddling up with solar.

We have had our solar system installed for almost a year and very rarely have an electric bill over $50!! Best investment ever!

Jeremy & Jami F.

"If you are considering solar, look NO further! S&H is the best! Their team is second to none! The entire process was a breeze. If you have questions or concerns, they can answer all of them!

Brandon & Mindi B - Iowa Park, TX

The process was easy and reaping the benefits was quick!

Linda B. - City View, TX

S&H was amazing! Made the entire process painless. They handled absolutely everything. Saw results on our electric bill almost immediately.

Brandon R. - Iowa Park, TX

We had S&H Solar install a rooftop system on the shop adjacent to our recently constructed home. Working with S&H Solar has truly been a great experience. The customer service has been second-to-none and their pricing was much more affordable than their competitors.

Jimmy & Mindy B.

You might wonder...

Why Choose S&H Solar?

We come from small towns, and we're here to help small towns get the most out of their sun power. When you saddle up with S&H Solar, we're here to lend a helping hand no matter what the issue may be. Even after your solar system and backup generator are up and running, we plan to be around for the long haul, with ongoing maintenance and friendly service. We're ready and waiting whenever you need us.

Saddle up with S&H Solar

Let's get started with a howdy.

If you're ready to harness the power of the sun and own your energy, Contact S&H Solar to say howdy and and we'll help get you started!

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