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what does solar energy look like on a farm or ranch

Solar energy can coincide quite well with both crop and animal agriculture. Farms and ranches across the country have begun turning to solar power systems as their main source of energy. Those who own a farm or ranch likely have a big barn or other large buildings suitable for solar panels. The energy produced by roof-mounted solar panels can be used to power the property's home or barn.Placing solar panels on the roofs of farm building does not typically require planning permission and comes with plenty of benefits. Solar panel installation for farms will serve as a reliable and renewable source of energy that is able to power the farm's daily operations. Solar energy, along with a battery system, can even power irrigation equipment remotely by providing power to irrigation pumps with no grid connection.

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advantages of solar on a farm or ranch

renewable energy for your farm or ranch

Solar panels are a renewable energy source, which means they can be more dependable for powering your daily operations than more traditional energy sources. Unlike finite natural resources, such as fossil fuels, solar energy does not have to contend with its natural resource — sunlight — becoming scarce or skyrocketing in price. A renewable energy source means increased savings for farms, which require a considerable amount of power each day.

financial incentives

The government cares about both the agriculture industry as an integral part of the American economy and solar energy as a valuable renewable energy source. For these reasons, both federal and state governments offer financial incentives for landowners to build and maintain solar systems on their farms and ranches. Specifically, the federal government offers farmers who install solar panels a federal investment tax credit (ITC). This tax credit helps cover the costs of solar panel installation and operation. Overall, this tax credit can save farmers who rely on solar energy thousands of dollars in taxation.

reduced costs

The financial benefits of using a barn roof for solar energy for your farm or ranch go beyond tax breaks and grants. Installing a solar panel system on your farm or ranch allows you to own your electricity and reduce your monthly utility bills. Switching to solar power allows farmers to make a long-term, low-risk investment that ultimately saves them money. Putting solar panels on your barn roof farm or ranch also gives you energy independence because you will own your electricity instead of renting it. With solar energy, you won't be subjected to the constantly fluctuating prices of traditional finite energy sources like coal, oil or natural gas. In this way, producing your own energy saves you money by stabilizing your electricity costs.

earn credits

You can save even more money on your electric bills by building net metering credits directly from the energy your solar system is already producing. Although most states won't exchange cash for the extra energy your solar panels generate, you can use this leftover solar energy as credits against your monthly or annual electric bill if your electric provider offers these credits.

water efficiency

The extra shade provided by solar panels can improve water efficiency by keeping the ground moist for longer. Studies have shown that tomatoes grown under solar panels have 65% more water efficiency, while jalapenos saw a 157% jump in water efficiency. This increased water efficiency is especially valuable for regions historically known for drought.

environmental advantages

The benefits of switching to solar power go beyond saving money and giving your crops a boost. Many environmental advantages are associated with solar energy, meaning that going solar can help you protect the Earth. Of all people, farmers and ranch owners recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainability because they make their livelihood from Earth's bounty.Farmers can take better care of their land by installing a solar system that produces clean, renewable energy. The electricity produced by solar panels comes without generating any harmful carbon emissions or greenhouse gases. In contrast, fossil fuels have been known to release harmful gases and carbon dioxide into the air, which cause pollution and contribute to climate change.Switching to a solar panel system allows farmers and ranch owners to generate renewable energy without hurting their crops, animals or the environment in general. Taking this extra step to care for the planet helps to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the Earth for future generations to farm.

saddle up with solar

Harness the sun for the farm or ranch

These are the steps we'll take to get you up and runnin' with solar for your business


One of our team members will discuss with you the details of your system.  We will decide the location of the panels and how much solar is needed.

2. Design

We will design the customized system for your property that is specific to your usage.  At this point, we will show you the proposal that has been customized for you.

3. Finance

If you need financing, we offer financing options to you at extremely low rates.  Upon qualification, there is zero down due.

4. Permit/Compliance

We will get with your city and follow all procedures required by them in order to be in compliance.  We will schedule all inspections necessary as well.

5. Install

We will schedule with you a time to install your system.  Our install team will be on site at that time and will install your new system.  We guarantee professional attitudes and the best work ethic.

6. Monitor

As soon as your system is installed and we are able to turn it on, you will be given control to monitor how your system is producing.  We will be alerted if something is off and will contact you to correct any issues.Hope these sound ok!

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We come from small towns, and we're here to help small towns get the most out of their sun power. When you saddle up with S&H Solar, we're here to lend a helping hand no matter what the issue may be. Even after your solar system and backup generator are up and running, we plan to be around for the long haul, with ongoing maintenance and friendly service. We're ready and waiting whenever you need us.

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At S&H Solar, we've helped many Texans go solar. Our team has seen the benefits of going solar in a home first-hand — and we want you to take advantage of this resource, too. But don't just take our word for it — hear what some of our customers say about harnessing the sun's power.

We have had our solar system installed for almost a year and very rarely have an electric bill over $50!! Best investment ever!

Jeremy & Jami F.

"If you are considering solar, look NO further! S&H is the best! Their team is second to none! The entire process was a breeze. If you have questions or concerns, they can answer all of them!

Brandon & Mindi B - Iowa Park, TX

The process was easy and reaping the benefits was quick!

Linda B. - City View, TX

S&H was amazing! Made the entire process painless. They handled absolutely everything. Saw results on our electric bill almost immediately.

Brandon R. - Iowa Park, TX

We had S&H Solar install a rooftop system on the shop adjacent to our recently constructed home. Working with S&H Solar has truly been a great experience. The customer service has been second-to-none and their pricing was much more affordable than their competitors.

Jimmy & Mindy B.

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Are you ready to make the switch to solar energy, help the Earth and save money? Take your first step toward getting a solar system for your farm or ranch by requesting a quote from S&H Solar today. At S&H Solar, we're from the country and for the country, so we'll do everything we can to help your farm or ranch generate its own power.

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