How Long Does It Take to Install a Solar Panel?

Solar panels are an eco-friendly investment for your property. From saving on energy to reducing carbon emissions, investing in solar power for your home or business has many benefits. However, there is more to the process than you might think.

This guide is for anyone interested in solar power who has questions about the installation process. Whether it's for your home or a commercial installation, being familiar with the installation process can help you choose. Learn more about how long it takes to install solar panels and the differences between residential and commercial installations.

The Installation Process

Multiple factors affect how long it takes to install a solar system. The installation process is measured from the moment you sign a contract to passing the final inspections. Actually attaching your solar panels to your roof is the quickest part of the process, but five key factors make the overall process a lot longer than you might think.

Size and Layout

It takes roughly one to three days for a solar company to install solar panels on your roof. The number of panels and layout of your system can add time based on how intricate the installation has to be. For example, installing 20 solar panels can take between four and six hours if the conditions are right. The best time to install solar panels is spring or fall since installation times are shorter due to reduced demand.

Utility Company

You must apply for an inspection with your utility company when installing a grid-tied solar energy system and connecting it to the grid. After installation is complete, a representative from your utility company will inspect the system to approve the connection to the grid and install a new meter. This process can take between two to three weeks for residential requests.

Property Dimensions

Every property is different regarding its electrical system and roofing. Most homes are already compatible with a solar panel system installed, but some houses need upgrading before installation can proceed. If upgrades are required, those will add time to the installation process.

Typically, these upgrades include re-roofing, reinforcing the roof, or updating and optimizing electrical panels. Depending on the type and extent of the required upgrade, your installation time can be slowed down by a few weeks or a few days.

Local Permits and Inspections

Before your solar panel installation can begin, you need the right permits and to pass any necessary inspections. You must apply for all required permits with your local government so they can approve the work on your property. The necessary permits vary depending on your location, but most local governments will require a photovoltaic-specific permit, a construction permit and a general electrical permit. Expect to wait between a week and a month to get these processed and approved.

You will also need to pass several post-installation checks. Your local government will send someone to inspect your new or updated electrical systems to ensure they are up to standard. Passing your inspections is as important as getting the right permits. The busier your local government's inspectors are, the more time it will take to organize the inspection and finalize the reports. This can take up to a week after the date of request.

Solar Installation Company

The solar company you choose is another influencing factor. Their scheduling, crew size, and stock can all affect how long the overall installation process takes. Some companies have a busy calendar or need to order stock. If you need your solar panels installed by a certain date to receive incentives or tax benefits, you must account for all these time-affecting factors.

Commercial Installations

It takes longer to install commercial solar panels than residential installations. Solar panel systems for commercial buildings are more complicated and often require more complex wiring. Typically, you follow the same processes and take the same factors into account as you would for a residential installation.

Allow one to four weeks for site preparations, system design and planning. On-site panel installation usually takes between one and three days. Getting local authority and government approvals is the most time-consuming process and can take three to 11 weeks to finalize. This leads to an average installation time of four to 15 weeks in total.

Benefits of Solar Panels

While it takes time, investing in the right solar energy system for your home has many benefits. The most significant benefits include:

  • Save money: A solar panel system can help you save on your monthly utility bill. The amount of money you save depends on how much power your system generates and how much electricity you use.
  • Reliable power: When using solar energy, you will not be affected by disruptions in power if you choose to add batteries to your system. Solar panel systems include batteries that store energy for your home during harsh weather conditions, providing a reliable backup power system at any time.
  • Affordability: Solar panels are becoming a more affordable option. Thanks to the extension of the federal residential solar tax credit, all taxpayers can claim a 30% tax credit to reduce the price of solar systems.
  • Works anywhere: Solar panels obviously need the sun, but they do not always need to be exposed to direct sunlight to work. No matter how cloudy the days or long the winter nights, solar panels with battery backups can power the average American home. Additionally, thanks to their battery storage systems, they can run all day and all night, even without bright sunny conditions.
  • Increase the value of your home: Having a solar power system installed generally adds to the value of your home. Similarly to upgraded basements and renovated kitchens, homebuyers are often willing to pay more for a home with a solar power system.

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