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Solar Maintenance and Repair Services

Small towns are like giant families. For generations, our families have lived and worked within small communities, so we know the value of lending a helping hand. Once your solar system is up and running, we stick around to make sure that everything stays in excellent shape. Regular maintenance and periodic repair services ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Even if we didn't install it, S&H Solar can service it.

Regular Solar Panel Maintenance

One big advantage of solar panels is that they don't require a lot of care. Still, it's a good idea to get them checked out from time to time to ensure they're working the way they should. Even if you're not experiencing any troubles, our Solar Specialists can provide regular maintenance checks to help keep your solar power efficient and productive for the long haul.

Our maintenance services include:
- Solar panel and monitoring equipment inspections.
- Looking for hot spots on the solar panels.
- Monitoring solar output levels.
- Solar panel adjustments.
- Checking to see if there is anything loose.

Solar Panel and System Repairs

Most solar energy systems are built to last. However, panels can be damaged from extreme weather and other situations that put stress on the system. Damaged panels won't generate as much power and can put the entire system at risk of failure.

At S&H Solar, all of our installed panels have a 25-year manufacturer warranty, which means they're built to last with minimal work on your part. However, if your system falters and you need repairs, we can help manage the manufacturer warranty on your behalf — no matter who installed it.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Repairs Make a Difference

As soon as your solar system is installed, it's important to keep an eye on it and monitor how your panels are producing. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs play a big role in keeping your solar system up and running.

Dust, dirt, debris, leaves and even bird droppings can hinder the performance of your solar panels and increase your energy bill. If your panels are looking a little worse for the wear, we'll come out and give them a shine. Regular solar panel cleanings are an important part of maintaining the performance of your system.

Our maintenance and repair service will:
- Monitor the health of your solar system.
- Identify any issues.
- Address little problems before they become big ones.
- Keep your solar panels clean and efficient.
- Provide system updates as needed.
- Ensure optimal energy output.
- Assist with enforcing your warranty if problems arise.
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Why Choose S&H Solar?

We believe that small towns and rural areas should have access to their own power just like their big-city neighbors. You also need access to high-quality maintenance and repairs. S&H Solar offers a complete solar power solution, including upkeep and repair work.

It's our homegrown values that set us apart:
- We're here to form a lasting partnership with you — not a one and done.
- We say what we mean, and we do what we say.
- We're always available when you need us.

At the end of the day, we want our customers to do the talking for us. Check out our testimonials!

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Real Reviews From Real Customers

At S&H Solar, we've helped many Texans go solar. Our team has seen the benefits of going solar in a home first-hand — and we want you to take advantage of this resource, too. But don't just take our word for it — hear what some of our customers say about harnessing the sun's power.

We have had our solar system installed for almost a year and very rarely have an electric bill over $50!! Best investment ever!

Jeremy & Jami F.

"If you are considering solar, look NO further! S&H is the best! Their team is second to none! The entire process was a breeze. If you have questions or concerns, they can answer all of them!

Brandon & Mindi B - Iowa Park, TX

The process was easy and reaping the benefits was quick!

Linda B. - City View, TX

S&H was amazing! Made the entire process painless. They handled absolutely everything. Saw results on our electric bill almost immediately.

Brandon R. - Iowa Park, TX

We had S&H Solar install a rooftop system on the shop adjacent to our recently constructed home. Working with S&H Solar has truly been a great experience. The customer service has been second-to-none and their pricing was much more affordable than their competitors.

Jimmy & Mindy B.

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If you need repair or maintenance services, we'll lend you a helping hand even if we didn't install your system. Contact us today to let us know how we can help!

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