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Generator Installation and Repair Services

Rural homeowners know a thing or two about bad weather. Small towns in Texas and Oklahoma see their fair share of thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes. These and other untimely events may cause a power outage resulting in spoiled foods, frozen pipes, productivity loss and even safety issues. If you've chosen S&H Solar to put the sun to work for you, we can also provide you with generator installation, maintenance and repair services so you can always power your home, farm or ranch.

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Residential Generator Services From S&H Solar

When we talk about backup power systems, we're referring to fuel-powered generators that can be refueled or connected to your home's natural gas or propane line. When installing your solar system, we can also install a permanent generator capable of producing partial power for your home. These generators are larger yet quieter than their portable counterparts. 

Keeping your generator in tip-top shape ensures that it's waiting and ready to use when things get dark.

Generator Installation

During the initial design phase, where we create a customized solar system for your home, we'll also discuss installing a permanent generator. You as a homeowner may choose to install a generator along with your solar panels and equipment, you may also choose to forgo a backup power system. However, if you change your mind down the road or if you purchased your solar system somewhere else, we can install your residential generator as its own service.

We work primarily with Generac generators. This U.S.-based company is the leading residential brand of generators in the country. The company also includes a seven-year warranty on all
generators. We currently have two employees certified by Generac and we are more than ready to handle all installation, maintenance and repair services.

Generator Maintenance

When you invest in a backup generator, you want to know it's ready when you need it most. Generators are engines, similar to cars, and they need to be regularly serviced and checked. While there are some small tasks you can perform to maintain your generator, it's also a good idea to have professional maintenance at least once a year.

Our electricians can perform a detailed inspection including the following processes:
1. Checking the oil and oil filter
2. Inspecting belts and hoses
3. Checking the condition of the battery
4. Checking coolant level
5. Adjusting the voltage

Generator Repair

To stay consistent, let's keep that car metaphor going. If your vehicle isn't acting right or if something breaks, you call a mechanic. If your generator is damaged or its parts are worn out, call S&H Solar. We'll get an electrician out to your home, farm or ranch to diagnose and fix the problem.
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Why Choose S&H Solar?

We come from small towns, and we're here to help small towns get the most out of their sun power. When you saddle up with S&H Solar, we're here to lend a helping hand no matter what the issue may be. Even after your solar system and backup generator are up and running, we plan to be around for the long haul, with ongoing maintenance and friendly service. We're ready and waiting whenever you need us.

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Real Reviews From Real Customers

At S&H Solar, we've helped many Texans go solar. Our team has seen the benefits of going solar in a home first-hand — and we want you to take advantage of this resource, too. But don't just take our word for it — hear what some of our customers say about harnessing the sun's power.

We have had our solar system installed for almost a year and very rarely have an electric bill over $50!! Best investment ever!

Jeremy & Jami F.

"If you are considering solar, look NO further! S&H is the best! Their team is second to none! The entire process was a breeze. If you have questions or concerns, they can answer all of them!

Brandon & Mindi B - Iowa Park, TX

The process was easy and reaping the benefits was quick!

Linda B. - City View, TX

S&H was amazing! Made the entire process painless. They handled absolutely everything. Saw results on our electric bill almost immediately.

Brandon R. - Iowa Park, TX

We had S&H Solar install a rooftop system on the shop adjacent to our recently constructed home. Working with S&H Solar has truly been a great experience. The customer service has been second-to-none and their pricing was much more affordable than their competitors.

Jimmy & Mindy B.

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If you need to install a backup generator or if your current model could use some attention, we'll get you back up and runnin' as quickly as possible. Contact S&H Solar to say howdy and get started!

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