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Solar Panel Installation in Bowie, Texas

Install solar to get grid independence, reduce utility bills and invest in an environmentally friendly power supply solution. We are a trusted Bowie, Texas, solar panel installation company with an excellent reputation for providing customized solutions at competitive prices.

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S&H Solar Installations

The S&H Solar team specializes in installing solar systems at local farms, ranches and rural homes. We are your one-stop shop, offering a full range of solar services:

Why Do Solar Panel Installation in Bowie, TX?

We help property owners take control over their power to see benefits like:

  • Custom solutions: We listen to your needs and personalize the installation to your property and layout.
  • Efficient installations: Our qualified and friendly team works fast, installing the panels with minimal disruption and ensuring you receive durable equipment to withstand the elements.
  • Instant return on investment: We provide transparent pricing, enabling you to see your savings quickly. Installing solar panels will reduce utility bills and help you benefit from comprehensive tax incentives.
  • Affordable pricing: Solar panel prices have dropped extensively, making it a viable solution for many residential and commercial properties. We offer affordable financing options and high-quality, cost-effective equipment.
  • Sustainable energy supply: Solar is renewable and provides grid independence, so you reduce your carbon footprint and own your power.

Get Solar Installation in Six Steps

The S&H Solar team will have you up and running in six steps:

  1. Evaluation: A skilled team member visits your rural residence, ranch or farm and evaluates if solar power is viable. The team member assesses the best location for installation and discusses the specifics with you. We’ll be straightforward if a solar installation is less than ideal for your needs.
  2. Custom design: We will design a system suitable for your energy needs and honor any requests you have, such as considering how to preserve curb appeal.
  3. Financing options: Should you need financing, we assist at low rates. If you qualify, there is no down payment.
  4. Permits and compliance: Our team handles all your city compliance requirements, schedules any inspections and obtains permits. We take care of all necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth process.
  5. Solar installation: We install solar panels when it suits your schedule. Our friendly professionals work efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.
  6. Checks and monitoring: Once installed, we will get your system running and show you how to monitor the system. Our team will get alerts if something is off and will contact you to take corrective action.

We believe in long-term partnerships and will assist you with excellent services long after installation.

Types of Solar Panel Systems in Bowie, TX

We offer three primary types of solar panel systems in Bowie. Our team will discuss the benefits of each with you during the consultation phase.

1. Grid-Tied Systems

A grid-tied system generates power to run your Bowie property. You can return excess energy and benefit from grid credit or draw from the grid if your system does not generate enough power.

2. Grid-Tied Systems With Batteries

These systems have backup batteries to provide uninterrupted power even during grid outages.

Once we install your solar panels, electricity is generated. Should your system not produce power due to weather conditions, your batteries will supply you with energy. If necessary, your system will revert to drawing from the grid. Once your batteries are charged, your solar panels can return power to the grid, meaning you will get credit.

3. Stand Alone Solar Systems

Remote areas of Bowie may have limited grid access. We will recommend and install off-the-grid systems, enabling complete energy independence. If you opt for this system, batteries will maintain your farm, ranch or home's power when your system is not generating energy.

Best Solar Panel Installers in Bowie, TX

The S&H Solar team specializes in local solar installations in small towns, rural homes, ranches and farms. We provide:

  • Knowledge and expertise: Our team is from the country and certified and expertly trained for the country. We have extensive experience installing solar in your region.
  • Sound guidance: We will only recommend solar installation if it will benefit you and won’t push for unnecessary upgrades. Our customer reviews and ratings speak for themselves.
  • Multi-service offering: We value long-term energy relationships. Once we install your system, you can count on us to help with services, upgrades and answer questions.
  • Grid independence: Depending on your preferred option, our team will help you get semi or complete independence from the grid. You will own your power instead of just renting it.

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The S&H Solar team is dedicated to installing the best quality solar systems at competitive prices in Bowie and surrounding regions.

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