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How to Pick a Solar Company

We are breaking down the important factors to consider when choosing the right solar provider for your project. Request a free quote from S&H Solar today!

How Long Does It Take to Install a Solar Panel?

Find out how long it takes to install solar panels and start using solar power for your home or business. S&H Solar has all the answers you need.

Solar Panel Installation in Canyon, Texas

Save on utility costs, become grid independent and reduce your carbon footprint by installing solar power at your Canyon, Texas, property. Get a free quote.

Solar Panel Installation in Dumas, Texas

You can own your power and not rent it in your Dumas, TX, rural home, ranch or farm. S&H Solar specializes in quality solar installations. Get a free quote.

Bowie, Texas, Solar Panel Installation Company

S&H Solar specializes in quality solar installations in Bowie, TX. Reduce your bills, get grid independence and improve your carbon footprint. Get a free quote.

Do Solar Panels Work During a Power Outage?

When you're grid-tied, your home loses electricity during power outages. With a backup solar energy system, you can keep your home running. Learn more now!

Spring Cleaning Solar Panels Tips

Cleaning your solar panels can optimize your efficiency and sustain the life of your system. Learn how S&H Solar can help you keep your system in working order!

How to Replace a Roof With Solar Panels

Replacing a roof with solar panels doesn't have to be complicated. S&H Solar is here to help you safely remove and reinstall your panels during the process!

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

Solar panels can significantly increase the value of your home, allowing you to set a higher asking price. S&H Solar can help install panels for your home!

11 Common Solar Misconceptions: Myths About Solar Power

You might have misconceptions about how solar energy works due to misinformation. S&H Solar reveals the truth about common solar myths. Learn more here!

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